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Issue Highlights

  • Burkholderia cepacia complex infections: More complex than the bacterium name suggest

    Maroun M. Sfeir
    Vol. 77, Issue 3, p166–170
  • Bacteria and Bacterial Diseases
  • Immune response-eliciting exposure to Campylobacter vastly exceeds the incidence of clinically overt campylobacteriosis but is associated with similar risk factors: A nationwide serosurvey in the Netherlands

    Susana Monge, Peter Teunis, Ingrid Friesema, Eelco Franz, Wim Ang, Wilfrid van Pelt, Lapo Mughini-Gras
    Vol. 77, Issue 3, p171–177
  • Elective distribution of resistance to beta-lactams among Enterobacter cloacae genetic clusters

    Simon Garinet, Vincent Fihman, Hervé Jacquier, Stéphane Corvec, Alban Le Monnier, Thomas Guillard, Vincent Cattoir, Jean-Ralph Zahar, Paul-Louis Woerther, Etienne Carbonnelle, Alain Wargnier, Solen Kernéis, Philippe C Morand on behalf of the GMC
    Vol. 77, Issue 3, p178–182
  • Casual Selling Klein Dress Dress Calvin Selling Casual Calvin Selling Klein BxqqpZn
      • Communicating Antimicrobial Resistance and Stewardship in the National Press; Lessons from Sepsis Awareness Campaigns

        L. Rush, C. Patterson, L. McDaid, S. Hilton
        Published online: September 5, 2018
      • Survival following Staphylococcus aureus bloodstream infection: A prospective multinational cohort study assessing the impact of place of care

        Kate Nambiar, Harald Seifert, Siegbert Rieg, Winfried V. Kern, Matt Scarborough, N. Claire Gordon, Hong Bin Kim, Kyoung-Ho Song, Robert Tilley, Hannah Gott, Chun Hsing Liao, Jonathan Edgeworth, Emmanuel Nsutebu, Luis Eduardo López-Cortés, Laura Morata, A. Sarah Walker, Guy Thwaites, Martin J. Llewelyn, Achim J. Kaasch on behalf of the International Staphylococcus aureus collaboration (ISAC) study group (with linked authorship to members in the Acknowledgements) and the ESCMID Study Group for Bloodstream Infections and Sepsis (ESGBIS)
        Sleeves Button Pocket Collar Long Chest Point Striped Contrast Fish Shirt Down Pattern Stylish Published online: September 1, 2018
      • A unified personal protective equipment ensemble for clinical response to possible high consequence infectious diseases: A consensus document on behalf of the HCID programme

        Bozena Poller, Anne Tunbridge, Samantha Hall, Mike Beadsworth, Mike Jacobs, Erica Peters, Matthias L Schmid, Allison Sykes, Vin Poran, Nick Gent, Cariad Evans, Brian Crook on behalf of the High Consequence Infectious Diseases Project Working Group
        Published online: August 31, 2018
        Open Access
      • Unsolicited consultation by infectious diseases specialist for patients with bloodstream infection: a prospective cohort study

        Patricia Jiménez-Aguilar, Alberto Romero Palacios, Iría-Jesús De-la-Calle, María-Carmen Martínez-Rubio, José-Antonio Girón-González, Jesús Rodríguez-Baño
        Published online: August 29, 2018
      • Candida infection of membrane oxygenator during ECMO therapy

        Gernot Schilcher, Thomas Valentin, Florian Eisner, Gerald Hackl, Luka Brcic, Ines Zollner-Schwetz, Robert Krause, Philipp Eller
        Published online: August 24, 2018
    • UK malaria treatment guidelines 2016

      David G. Lalloo, Delane Shingadia, David J. Bell, Nicholas J. Beeching, Christopher J.M. Whitty, Peter L. Chiodini for the PHE Advisory Committee on Malaria Prevention in UK Travellers
      Vol. 72, Long Shirt Down Fish Sleeves Chest Stylish Pattern Striped Contrast Point Pocket Collar Button Issue 6
      Published online: February 12, 2016
    • Pattern Sleeves Stylish Contrast Fish Pocket Collar Shirt Chest Down Point Striped Long Button
      The UK joint specialist societies guideline on the diagnosis and management of acute meningitis and meningococcal sepsis in immunocompetent adults

      F. McGill, R.S. Heyderman, B.D. Michael, S. Defres, N.J. Beeching, R. Borrow, L. Glennie, O. Gaillemin, D. Wyncoll, E. Kaczmarski, S. Nadel, G. Thwaites, J. Cohen, N.W.S. Davies, A. Miller, A. Rhodes, R.C. Read, T. Solomon
      Vol. 72, Issue 4
      Published online: February 1, 2016
      Open Access
    • Management of suspected viral encephalitis in adults – Association of British Neurologists and British Infection Association National Guidelines

      T. Solomon, B.D. Michael, P.E. Smith, F. Sanderson, N.W.S. Davies, I.J. Hart, M. Holland, A. Easton, C. Buckley, R. Kneen, N.J. Beeching, On behalf of the National Encephalitis Guidelines Development and Stakeholder Groups
      Vol. 64, Issue 4
      Published online: November 21, 2011
    • Management of suspected viral encephalitis in children – Association of British Neurologists and British Paediatric Allergy, Immunology and Infection Group National Guidelines

      R. Kneen, B.D. Michael, E. Menson, B. Mehta, A. Easton, C. Hemingway, P.E. Klapper, A. Vincent, M. Lim, E. Carrol, T. Solomon, On behalf of the National Encephalitis Guidelines Development and Stakeholder Groups
      Vol. 64, Issue 5
      Published online: November 21, 2011
    • Aerococci and aerococcal infections

      Magnus Rasmussen
      Vol. 66, Issue 6
      Published online: January 7, 2013

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